Auto Injury Back Pain

Do You Have Auto Injury Back Pain?

Auto injury back pain is one of the worst and most prevalent types of chronic pain. The tremendous forces created during a car accident are enough to tear apart soft tissue. Life altering spinal injuries are often the result of motor vehicle accidents.

The spine is the most important part of our skeleton. Because it houses the spinal cord and central nervous system injuries to this structure can have far reaching whole body implication. These can include organ dysfunction and your overall ability to perform activities of daily living. Spinal injuries are common in serious and even not so serious automobile accidents. Minor fender benders can create significant back ache complaints.

Symptoms related to these injuries are often delayed in presenting themselves for many weeks following an accident. This is often due to increased stress, loss of blood flow and nerve dysfunction which causes the slow degeneration of the affected structures.

Because symptoms of auto injury back pain often do not present themselves immediately after an accident, it is very important to keep on the lookout for even the slightest discomfort or unusual sensations. It is usually a good idea to undergo an exam by a medical professional after suffering a car accident. This will ensure treatment of any pain you may be experiencing early on and minimize the medical costs and length of treatment that you would otherwise encounter if you were to postpone treatment. Not only is early treatment important to minimize long-term bodily damage, it is a critical component of determining the cost of medical care and ascertaining the part insurance and car accident lawsuits will play.

Some common forms of back injuries include thoracic spine (upper back), lumbar spine (mid to low back), herniated discs, and spinal cord injuries. If you suspect that you have injured any portion of your back, be sure to call a medical professional and schedule an exam as soon as possible.

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