Sports Chiropractic care from Urgent Care Chiropractic Centers. We treat all types of athletes at our Chiropractic clinic ranging from high school athletes to Olympians. We will bend over backwards to ensure that nothing is left behind and that you are feeling in your prime. We will evaluate and treat you using many different methods. If you are suffering from pain, we can help you heal. Additionally, we will help provide care to reduce injury or strain as you compete.

Athletes are provided specialized care tailored specifically to the sport and rigor of your training. Sports Chiropractic care can help athletes remain at the top of their game, enhance performance and range of motion while reducing pain. All aspects of the body, muscles, joints, fascia, nerves, tendons, and bones will receive care through our holistic approach.

Sports Chiropractic Athletic Pain Relief Sports Injury Urgent Care Chiropractic
Sports Chiropractic Athletic Injury Pain Relief Urgent Care Chiropractic

We pride ourselves in giving the best care for the best! Our attention to detail is unparalleled. We treat all types of athletes, from Olympians to the high school athletes. No muscle, joint, fascia, nerve, tendon, bone, or joint gets left behind. We’ll bend over backwards to leave you feeling like a champion, as our care is made for champions.

Dr. Alnor Bhanji B.Sc, D.C evaluates, and treats athletes using a multitude of modalities. Sports Chiropractic care from our clinics can keep you at the top of your game.  A thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your pain will be followed up with the most appropriate healing technique. We use a combination of our services to alleviate any maladies you may have.

Treatable Conditions

  • Active Release Technique
  • Kinesio Taping

  • Graston Technique

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